About Little Bat

I was always the girl with the camera. 

Whether it was a video camera or a clunky point and shoot, I was known to be documenting everything. Fight on the blacktop? Basketball game? Dance in the gym? Yes, Yes and Yes. Our awkward New Jersey preteen years are immortalized thanks to my obsessive need to make sure there were visuals for the stories we would recite through the decades. 

Then one day my grandmother offered me my grandfather's cameras from his years in the military. I signed up for a photography class at the city college and with slide film and a pencil behind my ear, I set out to do it right. Many years later I shot my first wedding and felt instantly alive in a completely new way. I spent the entire day smiling, and I quickly learned that I liked getting dirty more than standing off on the sidelines. I liked seeing things like a guest would see them, or how a passing field mouse would observe it all: listening carefully and looking with two very open eyes, crouching down to see the view from the ground, climbing up a tree to observe from above... I wanted more. And then it all happened. 

The last five + years of weddings in San Francisco have been nothing short of amazing. I've been lucky enough to work with the most creative and unique couples who I admire and adore, misfits who teach me so much about love and creativity, about being authentic and alive. They have taught me how to let go and dance with a camera in my hand, to appreciate the reason we're celebrating, and remind me how much I love documenting it all.



About Jillian

I am the girl with the camera, 

though really it's several cameras. And while I went the academic route and received a BA in Santa Barbara for Law & Society and a MA in Western Australia for International Relations, I'm actually an artist. When I'm not taking photos, I'm making collages, illustrating children's books, and baking. I live in vintage dresses, collect hats from the past, and have an obsession with flea markets and old treasures.  My inspiration lives in color, old photos and books, Twin Peaks and Alfred Hitchcock. I live for the feeling of the sun on my face, the sound of music in my ears, the taste of coffee in the morning, and the pleasure of making things. I believe in the power of imagination and mystery, friendship and storytelling, romance, rapture and beating hearts.